CTS Towing & Repair
CTS Towing & Repair
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Reviews Of CTS Towing & Repair

4.88 60 Reviews
Emily King
May 18, 2018

An amazing company. They were so kind to me. They made my flat tire experience so much better than it would have been. Chris was our tower and he was so incredibly helpful and such a nice guy. 10/10, would definitely recommend using this towing business.

Christina Kaye
Apr 16, 2018

I had an AMAZING experience with CTS, despite a very bad night. My daughter's car broke down on her, downtown Lexington on PROM NIGHT! The next day, we called CTS (after FIVE other tow companies never answered my calls OR returned my calls!). Dispatcher was super nice and sent CHRIS out to us. He was there in less than 20 minutes of our call. When he arrived, Chris looked at her car and diagnosed it (at no additional charge), which saved us tons of extra money to get it diagnosed at a mechanic. He confirmed what we suspected (bad fuel pump). He was very fast, friendly, and efficient. He had us back to our house with the car in under an hour. He did not waste time and he went out of his way to explain things to us. OH, and let's not forget all of this was done for less than $70! IF I ever need a tow again, I will call CTS. And, I will make sure anyone who needs a tow calls them, too. Whoever posted bad reviews on here must just be disgruntled because they got towed for parking in the wrong place and/or got repo'ed. For something that started as a very frustrating situation, Chris and CTS made it a tolerable and even somewhat pleasant experience.

Kristin Cobb
Apr 01, 2018

The driver Chris was very courteous

Christopher Locke
Mar 29, 2018

great guy and a great company cts towing, repair and collision for all of your vehicle needs.......read more

Jill Lillie Maudlin
Mar 24, 2018

I was in town from about 2 hours out of state for a concert. My car broke down at a gas station. I received friendly, prompt service from both dispatch and tow truck driver. He did not have to make the long tow, but he was kind enough to. My boyfriend and I enjoyed the company and conversation (and gummy worms).

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